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Churches and parishes in Masate

Region = Lombardia

Province = Milano

Town = Masate

Please find in what follows the full listing of the churches and parishes in Masate along with some useful information.

For each parish are reported the town, the eventual hamlet, street address, ZIP code, the name of the parish and the Diocese to whom the parish belongs to.

There is just a single parish in the town of Masate. The related information are reported in the following table.

Parish Town Hamlet Address Diocese
S. Giovanni Evangelista Masate --- Via Milano, 50 Archdiocese of Milano

The same in the surroungings of Masate:

Basiano (MI) (0.6), Gessate (MI) (2.8), Pozzo d'Adda (MI) (2.8), Inzago (MI) (3.3), Cambiago (MI) (3.6),