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Weather in the town of Castelverde

Region = Lombardia

Province = Cremona

Town = Castelverde

Please find in what follows the actual weather and also the weather forecasting for the town of Castelverde. For each day are reported:

  • Temperature Min.
  • Temperature Max.
  • Wind direction and strenght.
  • Percentage of precipitations.

The same in the surroungings of Castelverde:

Pozzaglio ed Uniti (CR) (4.5), Olmeneta (CR) (5.5), Sesto ed Uniti (CR) (6.5), Cremona (CR) (6.7), Casalbuttano ed Uniti (CR) (7.5), Paderno Ponchielli (CR) (7.6), Persico Dosimo (CR) (8.5),